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Hi, I am Ksenia Kozhenkova, a private piano teacher from Houston, TX. I have more than 10 years experience teaching piano lessons in person and online. My remote piano lessons program lets you experience all the benefits of learning piano from the comfort of your home, and from anywhere in the World!

My teaching approach is based on the philosophy of Dr. Suzuki in combination with the traditional method.

Dr. Suzuki believed that all children have the talent to learn if they are taught well by loving parents and teachers. He also believed that hearing and playing great music helped children become good people with beautiful, peaceful hearts. Dr. Suzuki hoped that these children would help bring peace and understanding to the world.

The new skills and knowledge of music will open the new world for you and your child that can only be described with the happiness and enrichment of someone's soul who learned how to play music. 

After enrolling in the program that suites you most, you receive weekly one-one-one private piano lessons via Facetime or Skype. To learn more, schedule your free introductory session today.

Programs Offered


Piano Lessons

for Children

  • Best for ages 7 and up

  • Suzuki Method of Teaching

  • Piano Theory and Sight Reading

  • Musical and Talent Development

  • Easy and Fun Instructions

Piano Lessons

for Parents

  • Best for parents of younger children

  • Most effective way to develop your child's musical abilities

  • I will teach you how to teach your child so you can enter the beautiful world of music together

Piano Lessons

for Adults

  • Best for ages 14 and up 

  • Piano Theory and Sight Reading

  • Together we will create a custom program based on your goals in learning piano


About the Teacher

Ksenia Kozhenkova

Piano Teacher, BA, SAA Certified, CLC  

I studied piano since the age of 6 and received my musical education in Russia. After moving to the US I started learning about different approaches in teaching piano. I fell in love with Suzuki Philosophy method, had earned the certifications of the Suzuki teaching and incorporated it with the traditional method, which was a great success! 


But that was not enough for me. I wanted to learn more ways to have the most effective teaching possible. I continued my studies and became a certified life coach to give my students the right support, tools and motivation in reaching their goals in music.   

Since that I taught hundreds of students, with the ages ranging from 6 month to 70 years old. My main goal is not just to teach you how to read notes and to play the instrument, but to introduce you to the beautiful world of music, encourage and support you in the process, provide you with necessary learning tools and let you experience all the benefits of learning and playing piano. 



Introductory Session

Schedule your free introductory session to discover all the benefits of my program

Introductory Session
30 min

Music Will Change Your Life

Benefits of Learning Piano

  • Encourages Creativity

  • Improves Discipline, Concentration and Patience

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

  • Boosts Self Esteem

  • Makes you Happy

  • And More

Students Testimonials

Marie, students mother

"Ksenia is an amazing teacher. My  two sons were taking lessons with her for the last 8 years. It has been so rewarding and I cannot express how much joy music had brought into our lives.  "

Rachel, student

"I have been taking lessons with ms Ksenia for the last three years. I absolutely love it. My teacher is very patient and I love the positive approach she uses in her teaching. When I started college I had to move to another city and continued taking lessons with ms Ksenia via video calls. I truly enjoy it and love that I continue learning remotely."

Amir, adult student

"I always dreamt to play piano and at 35 years old I finally started taking lessons. I thought that it would be difficult to start when you are adult but now I can play a complex piano piece thanks to my teacher. "


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